Girl as a princess

​​​​​​​Planning a Princess Birthday Party

It is the dream of every little girl to be a Princess. And what better day to experience this than on their birthday party?

Be it a Fairy Party, a Princess themed party or a Makeover party, we would love to share some helpful ideas and tips as to how you can make it absolutely perfect for your daughter on her special day.

Everyone is adjusting to the new normal, but if you make a plan with your Princess Party Ideas, the day can be wonderful and memorable, as well as Covid-safe.

Here are just a few snippets of party planning wisdom including kids pamper party ideas to help you out.

Hire a Princess for a Birthday Party

What princess party would be complete without an appearance from your daughter’s favourite princess?

You can hire a princess entertainer who will come to your house in full costume; Elsa, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora and any other princess you can think of!

Normally those princesses are actresses who are pretty talented at keeping the children busy and happy, which means you will be able to juggle all the other things that require your attention during the party. And maybe you can even sit back and have a cup of tea while watching everyone with a big smile on their faces...including yourself!

If you are keen on hiring someone to entertain at the party, then thankfully many party entertainers are still able to visit with the right safety procedures in place or you can even hire a princess virtually.

Imagine the delight on the guests’ faces as they enjoy singing along with their favourite princess and playing games with her.

It would be a memory they would treasure always. 

Dress up like a Princess

You can ask the guests to come dressed as their favourite princess.

It will really add to the wonderful atmosphere on the day. There is nothing cuter than a mini princess!

A princess costume is a very good investment for the parent, as they will want to wear it to every party they go to. Also, you won’t need to worry about more presentable dresses for birthday parties!

Princess Party Activity Ideas 

Quite often, parents struggle to think of inventive and exciting activities for a princess party, but there are so many great ideas to choose from!

If your little princess is more into arts and crafts, you can easily pick up a few resources at the local craft shop or online. 

Set up tiara, princess mirror and wand making stations, or perhaps even a jewellery box that they can take home as their party favour. 

Alternatively, there are companies which provide arts & crafts packages designed for birthday parties. These are very well proven and tested and are always a huge success with children.

Other ideas include Disney Princess Bingo, Pin the Tiara on the Princess, or even allow them to create their own princess themed fashion show.

An added clever touch might be to hire a photographer and a pretty backdrop so the guests can have their photograph taken as a princess and then take it home with them.

Party Food for the little Royals

Consider making afternoon tea for the girls, including pretty vintage tableware, sweet treats and cakes and maybe even a fancy ‘mocktail’ drink with dainty drink umbrellas and sparkling water or pink lemonade.

Princess Party Favour & Party Bag Ideas

When your party has a strong and identifiable theme, it can be really fun and exciting to use this as a guide for your party bags or favours.

You can move away from the generic and traditional type of party bag items, and really make it special for your little princess guests.

Why not allow them to use the craft they have made at the party as their favour - it might be a jewellery box, a tiara or wand, or perhaps even a bath bomb or a pageant sash decorated with sparkles.

If you’re fond of a kids makeover party tied in with your princess theme, then fill your party bags with shining lip gloss, fun nail varnish bottles or perhaps even a pack of festival glitter?

You could also include a girls’ magazine or princess DVD.

Another idea might be to include a useful item such as a compact mirror, small hairbrush or soap bag with a memorable Princess themed quote written on it.

And don’t worry, if the guests are too young for real makeup, then a toy makeup kit alternative would be perfect for them.

Oh, and don’t forget a princess themed sweet treat, like pink macarons or rainbow cupcakes!

Whatever you decide to do for your Princess Party, hopefully these ideas will offer you some fresh approaches and easy ways of planning and organising the event.

And when it all goes perfectly to plan, you might find yourself realising that all you really needed on your side was; ‘A little faith, hope and pixie dust!’.



Image: Cinderela cake made by Susie Langadias